Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Unicorn paper bows ... with hair !

Ok so personally ..I would rather be a mermaid but unicorns are totally on trend right now. So after seeing fabric unicorn bows on Pinterest I had an " I can totally make that " moment and so whipped out my envelope punch board and got started. It took a few attempts but finally I came up with these. I even found a way to add a silky mane to the bows ... not seen anyone do that yet ... yippee these are so cute !

So I made basic stacked bows using the EVP board but on the top layer I hand drew unicorn type eyes.. ok I am no great artist but it really doesn't matter it will still look cute just practice on a sheet of scrap paper first . I added a unicorn horn for Gold foil sheet and then set about making the mane.

I remembered being shown that the new Calypso coral Sale-A-Bration ribbon could be "unpicked" to create fringing, so I used this method with a 3" length to make shiny unicorn hair.... how cool.

You can make these in any colour, mix up the colours even they don't have to match... the more colour the better I say... Add these to cards, boxes, paperclips ....anything you like. Change up the sizes to make them bigger or smaller. Whatever you like but just have fun.

I do have a step by step YouTube tutorial which surprisingly for me is quite short... so grab a brew, get comfy and enjoy the video. Don't forget you can purchase any of the items I have used from my online store 24-7 just click the photos or my shop here button.... 


Happy Unicorn making xxx Amanda

Bow :- two strips 1" x 5" and one strip 6" x 1"
cut horn 3/4" wide by 1 1/2" high ... mark to the measurements and draw a triangle
ribbon length for hair is approx 3" long
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  1. Amanda, do all the shimmer ribbons have the ability to fray out with the hair texture?

    1. Im not sure honey I only tried with the SAB one ... give it a try :) xx