Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Quick tip Silver Gable box to white box

I do think these Silver mini Gable boxes are fun ... but what if you could have even more fun ? I did find that once I layered them with DSP that was pretty much it. The Silver surface wouldn't really allow us to stamp well, embossing might work but the Silver colour would interfere with the outcome. As I looked at the lovely white interior I started thinking ...I wonder.

After trying to dismantle my first one and tearing the box I had a think. Then .. LIGHT BULB.... I remembered applying heat can un stick adhesives so I found where the join was on the inside and carefully applied heat using my heat gun. As the glue softened I carefully peeled back the joining flap... hey presto it works. Now simply turn the box the other way with the white side facing out and re adhere.

Now I did have a line of old adhesive down the side edge  as I re connected my box on the inside. adding the flap on the out side would cover it over simple. I then experimented and yayyy I found I could stamp on the white surface. It just needed heat setting so it dried faster and didn't smear.

So beautiful as these boxes are... we can make even more use of them by simple ...turning them inside out.

I do have a YouTube video explaining fully I would love for you to join me. Also I do hope you will try this at home. If you don't have the boxes yet there is a clickable link below which will take you direct to my on line store. These really are a versatile little box with countless possibilities.

So grab a brew, get comfy and enjoy the video .... happy Stamping xx Amanda 

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  1. You’ve started something now. I’ve just disected an Asda custard tart box to keep as a template. Even matched all the score lines up on my scoreboard and noted the measurements. Hubby says if he finds me going through the recycle bin he’s moving out. 🙈🙈🙈🙈

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ... easiest way !!! I do it all the time ... I was in Debenhams today looking at boxes ..sometimes I take photos ... haven't been in recycle bin yet though he he he he xx Amanda