Sunday, 7 January 2018

My Stampin' Up! story ....

So how did I become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator ...... well grab a brew, get comfy and I will begin....

As a full time stay at home mum it can often be isolating and also your financial independence can be somewhat lacking. Mine certainly was and having always been a good earner I needed both something to occupy my time, and earn me a little extra. I was never comfortable with having someone else pay for everything for me and took pride in knowing I could contribute, even if only in a small way.

First I ran an on line lace business for four years and that was a huge success, it seemed I was good at growing a business from nothing. But, as with many success stories it began to grow bigger than I could handle alone, and yet I didn't want to expand either my hours or go outside the home. I wanted to stay home it was a choice I was lucky I could make and didn't want to give it up. So I down scaled my lace shop and looked for an alternative. 

Then Stampin’ Up! came along. I told myself I was just having the starter kit as a treat ...and then ..... well I found myself enjoying the products and the friendships and groups and the sense of belonging. After putting my previous business building knowledge to work I soon developed a small customer base to enable me to have whatever I wanted, and the commission I began earning paid for my goodies. I was delighted free craft stuff !!!... a Yorkshire girls dream, getting what I needed for FREE. 

And then after some more input.. and dogged determination .... I began to grow and soon found I had a small team of my own. I am still very early on in my journey but I absolutely love where it is taking me, and I love sharing other people journeys too and helping them to grow. 

Its not all just about earning that little extra, its about growing as a person, growing your self confidence getting out there and sharing your passion for creating. letting the world see HEY HERE I AM... because we are all important and we all want our own little niche and place to be ...for me its my Stampin’ Up! team and its very much more than stamps and ink. I just want to share and encourage others to find their niche too because finding your often hidden talents in a big awakening.

I can't promise everyone will get the same experience if they joined Stampin' Up! but I know its been great for me and I see my team blossoming and growing every day. If you feel you want to find your niche maybe consider starting a journey of your own ?

If your interested in the opportunities Stampin' Up! and essentially MYSELF ... can offer you email or telephone me for a chat

hugs xxx Amanda

tel:- 07921948013  mon-sat 9.30am - 6 pm 


  1. A great story Amanda - you are an inspiration to many. You have proven what hard work and determination can do xxx

  2. Well Done Amanda , you deserve all you achieve , youve worked very hard xx

  3. You deserve every success . As a customer of Stampin Up I can only recommend . The quality is great . The service is amazing . To get the best it is worth spending a little more . Amanda is a great Hostess . I have enjoyed watching her passion evolve and reach new heights . Thank you Amanda . xx