Monday, 27 November 2017

Large rosette wand Stampin' Up! products...

Rosettes are so easy to make and are so pretty and versatile. You can make them small to fit on cars, medium to go on bags and boxes ..or.... you can make them that bit bigger as a statement piece for a table centre. 

I LOVE giant rosettes and was totally inspired by table decorations at Centre stage in Solihull where Stampin' Up! had decorated our table with huge rosette lollipop wands inside vases.

I love making rosette lollipops and have made these before but todays is even bigger. A real wow factor to a table centre amor added to a dried floral arrangement or even a fresh floral arrangement .... even just for fun.

The whole principle of a rosette is however wide you want the whole thing to be halve that number and that is the width your strips need to be. The length will vary demanding on the width. Mine are 2 1/2" wide by 24" long for the first layer and 1 1/2" wide and around 22" long for the top layer.

Adding a copper stamped image totally made the black and white and island indigo colours pop especially when a light dapper denim water colour wash was applied over the top.

All in a ll a super easy yet stylish project. I do have a full step by step YouTube tutorial for you to follow so you can re create this at home. So grab a brew, get comfy and enjoy the show... products used are listed below

Happy rosette making , hugs x Amanda


Product List

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