Thursday, 6 October 2016

Happy Thursday ladies ...

I have a different kind of blog post today .. As you all know, or you should do I go on about it enough,  I am a Stampin' Up ! demonstrator. Our entire team on all levels has been challenged to write our Stampin' Up ! story. How, and why we chose to become demonstrators. Here is my story ....

Wibbly wobbly scene set as we go back ..back in time. Ok about two years ago was the first time I ever really heard of Stampin' Up! a friend of mine at that time was really into Stampin' Up! and used to talk about it A LOT. Being a fabric crafter I was a little disinterested if I'm honest ..well at least I'm being truthful! However, as time went on I began to see more and more creations on Youtube and Pinterest using Stampin' Up! products. I followed Sam Hammond as many do and always thought how well everything matched. I'm quite a symmetrical kind of girl I like co-ordination and things that match and thus my interest grew. Again being a non paper crafter I did initially thing OOOoooOOh bit expensive for me rather have some lace! But my curiosity grew and grew. I knew my friend Annie was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator so I enquired about joining. Initially it was the idea of getting so much product at such a fab price which enticed me. I'm a Yorkshire girl if its not on offer, reduced or free I'm not interested! So my initial reason was merely to gain things cheaply. But me being nosey I began to research other demonstrators. I'm very inspired by successful people not necessarily their financial gain but the success. I found there were demonstrators who had carved out a very successful career simply from selling Stampin' Up! Now I'm not good at a lot of things but talking is one of them, yes you may have noticed, along with this is a passion for people. I love talking and networking and my other ability which I found I had many years ago is the ability to sell. I remember once selling an add on to a company I had a contract for to wash their tea towels each week save the receptionist the job. This simple idea was extended throughout the company earning an extra £30,000 a year. It became apparent I had a knack for coming up with new ways to sell and was quickly promoted. As time has gone on I decided to pack in the " rat race" and become a bum ...oops sorry I meant a mum! After working the whole time my older children were growing I decided that with my late addition to my family, Alexia now 9,  I was staying home simple as that and I would find another way to earn. So here I am now a Stampin' Up! demonstrator with a team of my own slowly growing and hopefully with hard work and determination I can slowly cut back on my other work and focus solely on Stamping' Up!

Stampin' Up! is a great way to not only save your own money and get the goods you need, and we need it all don't we ! but also has a great earning potential if you decide to run it as a business. All you need is a little determination ... being a paper crafter helps but I'm working on it. If you too would like to become a demonstrator, perhaps earn an independent income and be part of a ever growing number of ladies joining the company, just message me or leave a comment here we would love to have you.
P.s If your wondering how many times I slipped in the words Stampin' Up ! to the blog's 11 ha ha ha ha ha xx Amanda
P.p.s here is my Stampin' Up ! link rude not to include it :)


  1. Hi Amanda being a fan of quality and Value for money ..I agree with you whole heartedly . Stampin' up is up there with the best . Hugs xx

  2. I am so proud of you from being someone who 6 months ago would realistically avoid papercrafting to now doing it regularly and improving everyday. Stampin Up is a world wide company and if you have the networking skills which you do it really does sell itself. You will be one of the top sellers by the time your 1yr anniversary comes around x and I will be right behind you (shouting my next order) haha x Love ya loads x