Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Helooooooo ladies.....

Well today has just been the best day ever ...I had a lovely meet up with Sam from Samaflora and took delivery of a whole heap of her stunning hand made flowers ...exclusive to Scrimpy's Lace Closet what a result. Her flowers are totally awesome and very highly sought after. She also bought me cake and tea and also filled me in on her latest idea hmmmmm very clever lady this one is !

The weather has been BOILING I have been quite hot and bothered to say the least. I will say at one point I was driving home in a very hot car and caught a feint unpleasant odour. of course I had to investigate ... to my horror I discovered it was my own feet ha ha ha sweating in flat shoes ! ... needless to say they are hitting the BIN ..oh come on surely I'm not the only one ... am I ???

I have also been walking somewhat on cloud nine today as a personal burden I have carried for three months has been lifted, relief is not even the word. Im not going into details but those who are closest to me have also been doing the happy dance today.

Im super excited as next weekend I am going on a Stamping Up team retreat hosted by the lovely Sam Pootles and I shall get to meet some of the other demonstrators, learn business processes and also learn new techniques and projects. Im staying over night in a nice hotel in a huge double room all to my self. I shall be star fishing that night for sure and gosh I will have the control of the TV remote !!!!. We get lunch and coffee and it just sound like great fun. Much as I love my family I have had one of my own since I was 17 years of age so a bit of me time now and then is highly prized.

I am still undecided on a 1st place winner for my challenge its very difficult and now have sworn that any further challenge winner will ALWAYS be chosen by so many talented ladies I have no idea how I'm going to pick. I will end up getting one of the dogs to pick or something hopeless I don't want anyone to feel bad. My mum stinks wants to just give everyone a prize so no one feels left out.

I will admit I think my mind is still in holiday mode and my focus hasnt been there in this sector for the last few weeks . Probably down to the afore mentioned burden too which now lifted means I can get back to it with renewed enthusiasm .... is it christmas yet !!!! ha ha ha ha.

Well thats todays bubbles ladies I hope you will join me again and maybe just maybe I will get some projects done and showcase them on my blog as that was why I opened it ... not much crafting here bit thin on the ground. I have a notebook full of ideas I am going to start and work through ... yeah ... at some point anyhow ha ha ha ha ...

Take care and bye for now xxx A


  1. Your great mood isvery infectious dear lady ... I can al;most feel you smiling ... hapy happy happy ! . A lovely blog ...its always great to catch up with all your news . Smelly feet you are not on your own he he he ! xxx

  2. Great to see you back missus! Get crafting and get those tutorials coming ❤️❤️

  3. So glad to see you happy again Amanda.

  4. Oh, goodness...No worries for picking the winners. I think all of the lovely ladies who entered will certainly understand and be happy for the others, if they are not chosen. So, choose away! Glad that your burden has been lifted!! Great news, indeed! Happy Crating hugs ~ Donna =)

  5. Glad your burden is lifted! My daughter also suffers from the stinky feet LOL.. Have a great time at your retreat! Hugs xxx