Monday, 12 September 2016

Happy Monday ladies ...

Well what a fab weekend ..I crafted most of Saturday getting in front with my customer thank you cards. I send these out to my Stampin' Up! ladies and also in my monthly subscription kits. I did share some of the simple cards I made on Facebook and Instagram so you may well have seen them already ... but Im not fussy you can have another look because your lucky and special.

I did cheat a little and used 9x9 ( I think ? )  pre bought card bases from Jo price ... naughty Scrimpy ... I used designer tim of cards stamp from Stampin' Up! for the flourish and the sentiments. A fantastic stamp set to add to any collection. The ink used is sweet sugar plum one of the new in colours from Stampin' Up! and ...although we aren't supposed to have a favourite .... shhhh this is mine don't tell !! ... I also used petite petals stamp and punch on blushing bride card stock and using blushing bride ink. I have a big batch of these flowers ready made to add to cards and tags when I need one. I used washi tape too which comes from the pop of paradise set. I never really got the whole wash tape thing .... but this stuff really is nice and I shall use it more often it just breaks up the back ground a little.

As you can see I did get rather a lot done ...but I was at it the best part of the day I'm terribly slow at paper crafting . There is something really satisfying about having things in bundles so you can see at a glance how many you have of each thing .... I think my OCD is returning !

I also made these toppers and there is a Youtube video to go with these if you care to check out my channel there is a link in the right sidebar. Again using the designer tin of cards stamp and the sweet sugar plum ink and cardstock. Im not sure what to do with these yet. I have to produce around 50 items to swap at the Telford Stampin' Up! event in November so I'm toying with ideas. 

Sunday I was SUPPOSED to craft ... my normal crafting with fabric and lace but I got somewhat side tracked by a certain John Reece ... my new passion. I really need to hurry and work my self through this dvd box set as not much will get done until I have. 

Im super excited for the Stampin' Up! event this weekend in Manchester. As part of the Pootles team I got chance to attend so hopefully I may learn a few new things. Maybe have a cheeky sherry before bed we shall see. Staying in a lovely hotel I don't know what I shall do with all the bed space !

I shall be blogging again tomorrow I have to try think of ways to produce and fill my blog more consistently. Not really a word associated with me, heck I don't even know if I spelt it right. But ... consistency I have been told is key so I shall be garbling on more frequently .... HONEST ...

Tomorrow I shall be showcasing some customer projects using stampin up products. Hopefully either Wednesday or Thursday I shall have a winner for my challenge and so the blog will focus on that. 

You may see an attempt to reduce the amount of silly bubbles today in my blog. I am trying to be more professional. HOWEVER ..... just one word..... LEAVES .... 

I shall leave that with you I know I have your sympathy and you understand my pain .... check back tomorrow even if just to make sure we haven't had a chain saw massacre ... bang goes my professionalism ... mehhhhh no one reads these blogs anyhow they ??? 

ta ta for now xxx A 


  1. Your nuts scrimpy but we luvs ya x can't wait for more blogs x

  2. Great catch up Amanda happy crafting! x

  3. Sounds like you are one busy woman! Hate LEAVES lol

  4. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    1. you don't count your crazy !!! ha ha ha ha

  5. Your cards are fabulous, see, I told you that you could do it, you'll be a paper crafting expert in no time! Haberdashery will be but a dim and distant memory! It's a well known fact that most people get into paper crafting after Some kind of needle work!
    Now your therapy for the day, put your boots on, go rake up leaves into big piles and kick them all over the garden, the 'poopies' will think you've gone mental (they aren't wrong) but they will love the fun!!
    No charge for the mental health advice!
    Love and hugs

    1. Thanks mrs ...I may try your card case today ...if I get to it in my list of to do !!! lol chat later x

    2. by the way .... you finished reading the CIA entry exam yet ??? lol lol lol lol