Wednesday, 23 May 2018

My NEW craft room

Hello everyone....if your wondering where I went the video below explains all. My family and I have been super busy moving home. A chaotic but fun time and we are slowly getting settled.

My craft room was a priority as it is my passion and indeed my job too. So this space was top of the list of rooms to be sorted first. I have filmed my new room for you to have a look and a virtual poke about. I wanted to keep this new room functional yet as minimal as possible so I can keep it clean ...I don't like dust !.. and I have sworn to NOT HOARD anything. Yeah lets see how long that lasts !

So grab a brew get comfy and enjoy having a nosey round my space..

Happy stamping xxx Amanda


  1. Lovely hunni xx you have done amazing in a few days x well done you xx

  2. Looks great. I'm sure you are my twin. We are so alike hehehe even down to the sewing machine. That made me smile. I have that what I call large pigeon hole unit and floral boxes, thank you ikea. Xxxxxx

  3. Looks great Amanda , Wish mine was as neat lol xx