Monday, 9 April 2018

New design Ink pads and colours in a nutshell

So many of you may have seen the new retirement list and fainted as you saw ALL the Stampin' Up! stamp pads and re inkers on the retirement list .. BUT do not panic !... I will explain.

Stampin' Up! has changed the design of their ink pads in keeping with customer and demonstrator feedback. They also made the decision to change as their ink pad manufacturing molds were at the end of their life span. So what a great time to make improvements. After listening to feedback the design of the case has beed improved along with the actual ink formula.the new ink has an anti foam formulation , hence all the old ones are retiring ... but not all the colours so don't worry.

Whilst making these pads better out lined in full in my Youtube video below... they also decided to shake up some of the colours. And I absolutely love what they have done. I love change brings us new ideas, fresh possibilities and keeps us bang on trend. We don't want tired colours that we are tired of and which frankly are a bit dated.

So wahayyy lots of fantastic colours which I believe tighten up the gaps in our colour palette whilst at the same time extending our colour choices..well done Stampin' Up! .. p.s I never liked Always Artichoke I feel I can say that now its gone .. yayyyyy. We may mourn the loss of some but I guarantee you will soon forget them when you see what we have been given.

So below I have the charts of what we have ...take a good look .. we have FIVE new in colours, SIX returning In colours, and TEN brand new exciting core colours ... which will be your favourites ????  take a look >>>


So grab a brew get comfy and check out the full explanation video here on YouTube
happy stamping xxx Amanda

UPDATE regarding re inkers use on new ink pads
I did my discussion yesterday regarding new Ink pads and ink formula.. I stated that the old re inkers should not be used on new pads and vice versa.... I have had comments to say " well other demos say its ok" I will say I may have miss interpreted information given to us at Centerstage Telford. But it was my understanding that the new ink pads had NEW ink in with an anti foam formula .... in addition all old re inkers are being retired. I therefore would not see why one would add an old re inker to the new pad and potentially contaminate the new anti foam ink formula in them ?...It doesn't make sense to me .... I wouldn't advise cross contamination to my customers however, everyone if free to use as they see fit themselves ... this is merely my advice xx Amanda

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