Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Christmas crafts mini wired ribbon bows in minutes

So sometimes crafty projects aren't huge .... sometimes we just need the tiny details. Bows and tying bows is often difficult for many and can be a crafters nightmare. Well here is an easy solution.

Wire edge ribbon hold its self still while you manipulate and tie it making your job a whole lot easier. I created these mini wired ribbon bows in next to no time and didn't even actually tie the ribbon in a bow.

Rather the ribbon is manipulated into shape then simply tied off in the middle with bakers twine. Rather like how florists make bows using floristry wire... who has time to fiddle about getting in knots? This is an easy solution.

I do have a super quick YouTube tutorial for you to follow along to ...so grab a brew and some ribbon ... get comfy and enjoy the video.... 

Happy bow making xxxx Amanda


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