Sunday, 29 October 2017

Designs team search for Stampin' for all ....

Hello again ... yes post number three today. There was a time I hated blogging, struggled to post twice a week and now this is three in a day. But I have to get ideas out of my head as soon as I think of them or I procrastinate and things and opportunities pass the procrastinator by.

So I am here again on behalf of my little group on Facebook Stampin' for all Community group, which I am going to shorten to Stampin' for all. This is an amazing group the people are amazing and the whole concept of the group makes my heart full.

This group was set up purely to share, this is not about selling Stampin' Up! products rather what I want to sell ...for free .... is the Stampin' Up! ethos epitomised by the statement of the heart. To share and inspire through our common love of crafting.

But to be fair this inspiring lark is hard work I am not going to lie to you, thinking of ideas by myself can be tough. And I don't feel I am doing the best for the members so I had a brain wave. I need help ....

I am looking for a minimum of four Design team members to help me spread the Stampin' Up! passion and to help others get inspired. We would do a design team posting every Sunday, taking it in turn so each only need do one post per month.. then you have the spotlight too and you can then publicise on your blog.

So if you feel you could spread the Stampin' Up! statement of the heart for.... lets be frank ... no real gain except to know you inspired others, send me a newly made card which either has wording from the statement of the heart on .. or in some way captures the whole idea. This should be sent to my to my email any time before Sunday 5th November. Hope to hear from you soon so we can all help others get inspired.
Thank you xxxx Amanda