Sunday, 24 September 2017

Sunday card sketch club

Happy Sunday everyone and as with every Sunday todays blog belongs to the members of the Stampin for all Facebook group. The above graphic should lead you there should you wish to join. We share inspiration throughout the week and we also have a card or theme that can be followed. This weeks theme was Christmas trees.

I think the members of the group have fantastic talent and always show different variations on the same theme which can only inspire us all. So I hope you enjoy their cards leave them a supportive comment ...and why not come on over and join xxx Amanda

This was the card I found on Pinterest for us to case the creators name is in the watermark 

Card by Carol Ann Pendleton stunning silver glimmer paper.

super `christmassy card by Marcela Calvo

Stunning card by Carmel June Smith love the background swirl here.

Superb card by Gaynor Boyce very talented creator.

Lovely silver foiled card by Elaine Spencer.

Super glitzy card by jean Schultz.

Elegant card by Gaynor Boyce.


  1. They are all wonderful, all very talented

  2. I have lost the wish to make cards, maybe because I have hundreds of them boxed up doing thing but taking up valuable room in my small craft space. I enjoy seeing how others interpret the card of the week. Maybe if I figure out where to sell/donate them I will make more. xx

  3. Gorgeous work everyone x hopefully tomorrow more like Tuesday I fear I will be able to take part this week x well done all xx

  4. Such lovely cards, think I will try and have a go after card swap x