Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sunday card sketch club ..

Happy Sunday everyone its time for the Sunday card sketch club. This weeks theme was " Happy birthday" left ope to interpretation for the creators do do as they liked and here are the fantastic results ...

Card by Grace Carranza

and by Sarah Dunn

Card by Karen McClure

Card by Donna Lester

Card by Valerie Litten

Card by Janet Stokes

card by Marchela Calvo

Card by pauline Johnson

card by Carmel June smith

card by Gaynor Boyce

card by jean Schultz

card by Larry Miller

card by Eli Mendez

Card by Donna Bets.

card by Carol Ann pendleton

Card by Ian Potter.

Card by Sally Spadavecchia Fritz.


  1. Gorgeous cards as always.I hopefully will soon be back and able to use my own p.c xx

  2. Super selection again x