Thursday, 31 August 2017

Hobby demonstrator spotlight.......

Hello everyone I have a very special post today about a very special lady. Now, all my ladies in Team Scrimpy are exceptional, but once a month I pick one of my Hobby demos to receive hobby demo of the month. The last to receive this recognition was the lovely Denise Whitehurst .

And here she is a lovely lady inside and out and a super talented crafter. Denise is a hobby demo on my team. As with most who join,  she started as a customer then decided as she was a frequent spender to sign up and take advantage of the great discount and other benefits gained being a part of Stampin' Up! 

Denise has no interest in building a business she is happy with the discounts, rewards, sneak peeks, pre orders, getting new catalogues ahead of anyone else and the social belonging to Stampin' Up! and being part of our amazing team. Indeed Denise is just like most people who join Stampin' Up! around 85% of all demos are HOBBY demos. Stampin' Up! does not have to be a business or have any complications. Hobby demos are integral to my team and make up the highest percentage of my ladies... all are amazing.

Back to Denise..... Denise is an all round crafter who creates not only cards, but 3d structures, book folds, miniatures ...and makes mean rum truffles at Christmas. She shows through her work that you can create what you want with whatever you want and merely incorporate Stampin' Up! products at the same time. 

I have often said through the years I have been crafting that the best and most talented crafters are often the quieter ladies who happily beaver away at home. I have known Denise a long while now and her creations always amaze me and make me smile. I am so pleased she decided to join my team. I picked her as Hobby demo of the month because I see that since joining Stampin' Up!, and being encouraged by her fellow team mates she has blossomed. She now shares her work publicly where she was too shy before. I'm very proud of her ... I will end with words from Denise and some photos of her amazing work .and a quick reminder that being part of Stampin' Up! isn't all about big business women the end of the day its about creating and sharing what we love ... we all have common ground and a shared love in our crafting.

Denise Whitehurst "A few words about being hobby demo. I love being part of a brilliant team , love Stampin' Up! , love the discounts too. Stampin' Up! do all the hard work for you , as it all matches fantastic. I aim to stay as a hobby demo as long as I can just love Stampin' Up! "

Denise chose Stampin' Up! products along with other items to create this fantastic Mickey mouse gift set.

More beautiful work showing Denise's talents.

Totally non Stampin' Up! Denise is amazing at creating 3d structures. This stunning book box card houses a 3d dress designed totally  by Denise.

And what a wow factor !!! Denise also added lights to her creation .... totally made me gasp. Very clever lady.


  1. Lovely to see the face behind the name. Great craft variety and makes. Well done Denise x

  2. Well done Denise. These are fantastic.

  3. Oh WOW absolutely gorgeous, fantastic work hun, look forward to seeing more of ur creations xxx

  4. Hello Denise, fantastic work, Amanda is right, you are very talented. It's lovely to see the face behind the name too. :) Xxx