Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sunday card sketch club

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to our community page weekly showcase. So to mix it up a bit and keep these creators on their toes I decided this week to do colour challenge. I asked them to use only pink and brown tones in their creations. They certainly rose to the occasion , as they always do and created amazing and inspirational projects. I am sure you will agree each one is fantastic. A massive thank you to all these creators for doing the challenge..

                                    Have a great day and happy stamping xxxx Amanda

Created by Elaine Briggs

Card by Carol Ann

Card by Eli Mendez

Card by Elaine Spencer

Card byValerie Litten

Banner by Marcela Calvo

card by Karen McClure

Costed by Jakki Douglas

Created by Claudia Scucchia

Created by Gaynor Boyce

Created by Ian potterington

Created by Jean Schutz

created by Sally Spadavecchia Fritz.

1 comment:

  1. All so different .Well done all,love them