Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunday card sketch club...

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to our Sunday card sketch club blog post. Last weeks blog post was hosted by the lovely Sandra Riley soI first want to say a huge thank you to her for giving me a hand ..It really helped.

This week we didn't have a sketch or card to follow. Instead I asked the group to do a card using the theme of Summer...that it just the word Summer and to do as they pleased . Well they certainly ran with the idea and created some amazing cards take a look. I hope you enjoy their work and perhaps get inspired to do a summer card yourself ... happy stamping xx Amanda

Stunning card by Sandra Riley aka the Cotswold Crafter.

Card by Ian Potterington.

Card by Geraldine Reardon.

Card by Grace Carranza.

Card by Karen MClure.

Card by carol Ann.

Card by Claudia Cladden Scucchia.

Card by Elaine Spencer.

Card by Valerie Litten.

Card by ELI mendez.

Card by jean Schultz.

Stunning card by Gaynor Boyce.

Lovely card by Dennie Harper.

Cool card by Marcela Calvo.

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  1. Gorgeous collection to inspire anyone xx thank you hunni xx Marcela's entry was an altered notebook hunni xx but beautiful xxx