Thursday, 20 April 2017

Make any box fit any size card stock

full finished dimension is 4 3/4 x 3 x3"
So I wanted to make a specific box ... but ran up against a common problem. The size layout for my box didn't fit on my 12 x 12 so I had to think of a plan. I figured out I could make my layout fit if I did it in two haves and added the " flaps later as extra pieces... easier than it sounds really and you can adapt it to make any box in any size . You could even do four sections if needed then join them together. 

I have done a youtube tutorial to explain further I suggest watching then you will se just how easy it it is. The link is below. I decorated by box with floral dip and the sentiment is taken from the carousel and cupcakes stamp set . I used Peekaboo peach and Flirty flamingos as my colour choice but obviously you can use whatever you like. I further decorated using petite petals now sadly retiring ..cryyyyyy. But again you can decorate however you like. The beauty of this box was it can be kept folded flat until you need it so you can make these in bulk .. BRILLIANT !. 

So the basic principle is to cut your box layout into sections ...add the tabs which you traditional add on the measurements and cut attached to the whole box.. cut these separate and add them later thus giving extra incase for your box ... It real is that simple then you cut strips which you fold in half and adhere to the inside of the box to then add your partitions together. Basically building the box in sections rather than trying to get the whole layout in one long shape.. .. genius , this then means any box any size any time. Just adapt the idea.

Here is the video as promised and measurements are below .. happy stamping xx Amanda


 1 x 12 by 12" card .. cut at 10" then at 6"
Dsp panels 4 cut at 4 1/2 x 2 3/4"
Dsp panels for lid and base 2 cut at 2 3/4 x 2/3/4"

sore card stock each piece the same :-

short side score at 3"
long side at 1/4", 2 1/4" (up to centre score only), 3 3/4" and 8 1/2"

two tab strips cut to 4 4/3 x 1" score at 1/2"