Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Lets talk bundles .....

So lets talk about bundles...well lots of items in our currently available catalogues have matching stamps and die sets available as a bundle which saves you 10%. Now many many many of these items are carrying over to the next annual catalogue however, they will only be available separately. therefore you will no longer get the 10% discount. Now they don't call me Scrimpy for nothing I can smell a good deal a mile away, I feel its my duty as a responsible demonstrator to point out when something will actually cost you MORE . Stampin' UP! will hate me ha ha ha ha but I always want to give my customers the very best deal I can so you really must hurry and grab these bundles before they are gone.

We all write wish lists and slowly work our way through them, its easier on our purses for sure. But if something is still on your list that you didn't get around to buying now is the time to check that list. Check it against the retirement list. Also check if the items are carrying over and if so get them now before the 10% discount is gone.

Whats 10% you may think ? ... well i am the kind of girl who would rather have money in my purse than some one else so even if it saves me 5p I want that deal ! Don't leave money on the table is what I say.

So here is my quick look list of items that will carry over but not as a bundle. I will apologise in advance if I missed something. Stampin' Up! have such a massive variety and amount of fantastic goodies it hard to keep track !!!! I have listed at least what I know had been popular and those are the must have items .with order numbers and catalogues page numbers....

Spring/ summer catalogue carry overs

Window shopping bundle, clear mount set 144743, wood mount 144742 pg. 43
Lift me up bundle, clear mount 144712, wood mount 144711 pg.
Dragonfly dreams bundle, photopolymer only 144728 pg. 26
cool treats bundle, photopolymer only 145181 pg. 32

Annual catalogue

Falling flowers bundle, clear mount 142329, wood mount 142328 pg. 127
swirly bird bundle, photopolymer only 142353 pg. 52
Best birds bundle, photopolymer only 142315 pg. 53
Floral phrases bundle, clear mount 142355, wood mount 142354 pg. 77
Sunshine sayings bundle, clear mount 142339, wood mount 142338 pg. 97
Flourishing phrases bundle, clear mount 142323, wood mount 142322 pg. 49
Weather together bundle, photopolymer 142319 pg. 55

heres me chatting a load of Bundles .....

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