Wednesday, 1 February 2017

CUTE..cute..cute mini milk cartons

Now how cute are these!! they are so cute they make me just want to squeeze them like the cheeks of a cute chubby toddler. I had way too much fun making these mini milk cartons, and they take no time at all and use up very little DSP or card stock. These are perfect little treat holders especially if you have a huge batch to make. Ideal for wedding or party favours or end of term gifts well as for loved ones at Valentines. 

They are small and cute, yet just big enough to hold a good few sweet treats or mini gift. It is certainly worth learning this project off by heart then any time you need a quick treat box... boom you have one to hand. As I say, way too much fun was had making these and I'm sure you will love them too. I know they aren't a new design but its new to me and I hope lots of you will learn along with me ...without fast fusing yourselves to your desks like I did ! As with all my projects there is a Youtube tutorial with instructions so click, watch, follow and enjoy. Measurements are below and my shop links are on the right..have fun xx Amanda



DSP = 4 1/2" x 6 1/2"

on the long side score at :-1 1/2"..3"...4 1/2"...6"
turn and on the short side score at :- 1 1/2"...3"...4 1/8"


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Such darling little boxes, so versatile, they also look different with a simple Change of paper!
    Very inspirational.

    1. thank you Sandra they were great fun to make , hugs x Amanda