Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hello ladies and happy Wednesday ..

School holidays are killing my schedule :( Im a little behind on breathing let alone everything else, but hey my princess is home yayyy.

We had a fab day yesterday I had to drag her round the wholesalers unfortunately Momma still gotta work. She hates it but smiles through clenched teeth and never complains. As a reward I took her to WHS for the latest Harry Potter (style) book which as I predicted if one waited a few weeks ...was now on half price ... grins all round. We started to read it last night not keen on the play format difficult to read as a bed time story. Think I managed about five pages before I got bored !

Awesome wholesale trip yesterday along with purchasing for my monthly subscription kits I found some lovely items which I will sell as kits on the store such as this quite large wire wrapped style princess carriage.

Looove these wish I had bought myself one now. I can see them lined with satin and all done up not dissimilar to the faberge egg style projects .

In my Stampin up world I was pleased to find I was number 7 in the top ten sellers for the large team I fall under for stampin up. I am under Annies team the Posies and collectively we are under Sam's team which is the Pootles... so there are over 200 ladies in this extended  team so feel quite pleased with myself yayyyy ....

I now have lots of thank you cards to make which really needs to turn into a monthly routine for my stampin up customers . Alexia and I began a production line last night. I was cutting she scored and folded. 
I will say I find how to get the best from a sheet of paper rather eludes me like some ancient art form where those who bear the knowledge have a memory bank full of numbers measurements and strategies obviously passed down through the generations like an ancient bard passed down the Odyssey, and which just fully escapes me ... Paper and measurements of paper makes me want to not so quietly scream. Give me lace and fabric any day we don't need measurements then ! I have a lot to thank my very patient friend Sandra Riley who I'm sure thought I was taking the proverbial when I said I couldn't figure out the half way measurement of my A4 card stockbut no ...I really am that stupid !.. But in my defence she said that A4 is a very silly size ...and I quite agree.

Lovely Sandra lost her Youtube cherry last night ha ha ha ... she did a lovely job and will get better as she will be doing more and more ..wont you Sandra ! ... She is a very skilled and knowledgeable card maker here is the link to her channel if you would be kind enough to support her  ladies .. .. she's a lovely lady also known as the Cotswold crafter her in blog land and she runs her blog daily .. like a really blogger not a part timer like me ..

Super excited today as going to meet my lovely friend Sam Hirst,  owner of Samaflora, today over in Dewsbury. We will likely have a good chin wag put the world to rights and discuss up coming plans to take over the world ha ha ha . Alexia loves the markets and she likes Dewsbury as its not a large town so not so crowded. Last time I was there however, I ended up with a £100 parking ticket so I shall be ultra careful where I park. I mean I couldn't just get a ticket from council jobs worth traffic warden awww noooo this is Amanda we are talking about its go big or go home on EVERYTHING so I got caught by private parking firm in a retail park for over staying by ten mins grrrrr ... 

In addition quick update on grooming my dogs myself ...... does anyone have a number for a local mobile groomer who won't report me for having a ridiculous looking dog ... Im not even posting photos poor Benji looks like a clown .... I shall leave that there. I don't really feel emotionally stable enough to discuss the money I have spent on clippers and special combs and sprays for the dogs to still look like they were picked up by the dog warden .... lets just leave it there ha ha ha ha ha ha 

Until the next instalment of ...does Amanda actually do any crafting these days I bid you farewell have a smashing day xxx A


  1. Replies
    1. morning babes what you top to today ? ... hope you have a good one xx

  2. Dear Amanda ..loving your modest reports of the wonderful Scrimpys adventures! Clipping dogs unless they are curly is best left to the pros.... it will grow again. It sounds as though your week is passing at 110mph. Stay well . Hugs xxx

  3. What a life missus x you do make me laugh x thanks for the update x

  4. You crack me up! I think we need pictures of the dogs lol Hugs xxx

    1. honest poor Benji !!! I will end up paying a groomer to make him look normal !!

  5. All of your shopping sounds fabulous! I just placed 3, count them 3, online orders with Joann Fabric, here on the other side of the sea. Poor mailman and in this heat, too. Put a bow tie on Benji and tell him it's Halloween! LOL!! Hope you get him all sorted out, just cover the mirrors until then. Shopping spree hugs ~ Donna =)