Friday, 29 July 2016

whaoooo its Friday ...... flop ....not feeling that Friday feeling today. Im sure I have that SAD disease where you feel annoyed and fed up due to lack of sunshine. I don't normally moan but... I hate drissel ... stupid fine stuff that gets you wet through. Summers that lull you into a false sense of security so you put on non warm clothes only to be caught in torrential down pour and then shiver like a jelly for the rest of the day .... Ok moan over ha ha ha ha ha.

So my week has been filled with striving to meet deadlines and inevitably in true Amanda style failing then meeting them a few days later... But hey I always get there ha ha ha ha ... I set myself little goals and invariably I fail but this week I reached 4k subscribers on youtube, a goal I set for the end of July. So yayyyyyy I made it .... Now just my next Stampin up level to reach by my birthday and I shall meet it dag namit even if I buy the stuff my darned self ! The only outstanding goal I now need to reach and a very important one is .... reaching the bottom of my ironing pile. I really need to reach this goal before my family holiday as its been a while since I cleared the three baskets I have strategically  hidden around my home and Im pretty sure thats where my holiday clothes from last year are located.

My pre holiday diet is doing well ...... ok maybe I accidentally fell on a Chinese takeaway .... on my face .... but I managed after the soup, noodles, chips, ribs and special curry to pass on the wagon wheel kindly offered by my feeder of a husband.

So my master plan of opening a website to " spread out" my work is going great .... yeah now instead of working like a maniac three days a week I now need to do it seven ha ha ha ha ... its a huge success ...again dag namit how did this even happen it was meant to be a hobby not work !!!! But like I always say it beats working at Aldi, although I hear they are very well paid.

So to celebrate my 4k subbie success and the new shop and because its my birthday soon .... yes 21 again don't I look good for it ... ( shut up Sandra !!!) ... So I am hosting a challenge. I will be posting it on youtube and the winner will be asked, if they want to that is, to do a guest DT spot for Scrimpy's. Not much of a prize I hear you say,  ahhhh but its free goodies .... now comes the stampede of eager participants.

My main motivation behind the challenge is to maybe get some inspiration, get crafters juices flowing. I have been watching and participating in the youtube craft community over three years and right now I find it a bit ...well.... boring. I tend to go back to my old haunt of Pinterest now to get ideas. So come on.. anyone reading this get crafting and learn us something new. Some ladies are so bored over there they are causing fights for entertainment ha ha ha.

So I tried to take my little one to watch the BFG ... big friendly giant .... and thought I was doing awesome. I looked and there was a showing at 2pm which meant I could get my parcels cleared and still try be a good mum too ... fail ! it was BOOKED UP. Gone are the days you can just go to the cinema and expect to get in. They have this new "xtra" cinema now with large reclining leather seats which is lush but ... it means less seats so we lost out. Note to self always pre book from this day forward to the rest of eternity amen. It cost me big time to ease my guilt .... LEGO .... any mum knows this is not a cheap option. Had there been a pound shop near by my little one would have been just as happy with like a crap but cute garden gnome. But noooo my guilt made me take her to Toys R us and buy LEGO ... its in capitals because it annoys me . This annoyance is two fold, based on the fact it costs a weeks wages to buy the bugger and then if you stand on it you just want to punch your self in the face.

Anyway , not totally crafty today my blog but there you go ... until the next episode  of ...what the heck is she on about I bid you farewell xxx A


  1. My grandson is lego mad. HE BUYS all the transformer legos takes them apart and builds his own. He lives with autism but is so clever he is unbelievable. He even makes them out of paper and card. He decides which one he wants neaxt and saves every penny he gets towards it. I think it makes him appreciate them more because it is oming out of his own pocket. Love this blog always look forward to it.

    1. aww bless . Well Alexia never gets money from anywhere so every now and then we treat her .... she will sit for hours building them patience of a pain ... unlike me ha ha ha ha xx

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I am so pleased to hear the shop is doing well, although I didn't expect anything else, you put so much time and effort into everything you take on, it really shows, its good to see that you are taking things slowly, best to let it all build up gradually, that makes it easier to iron out any teething problems, which there are bound to be. Having the stock control tool on your shop is a huge bonus, we know we are buying with confidence then.
    Not long now and you will be off on that ship, sailing into the sunshine, if you are one of those people that takes the rain with you would you ask the captain to keep you away from the East Coast of Spain, as you are away the same time as us!
    I am like you in that I have never ending ironing baskets, the holiday clothes get washed when we get home and put back in the suitcase, I just take them out and give them a quick Iron before we go!
    I am looking forward to your next YT video, its been lovely having them regularly.
    I'm not sure how much longer you can keep the 21 thing going to be honest Amanda, are you sure the 21 is not just the 'VAT' of your real age? ;)
    Have a lovely weekend,
    ps its about time you did a Cotswold Crafter sketch Challenge!!

    1. yeah I should do I might have a go whats this weeks ? ..hmmm will trot over and see later xx

  3. Great catch up Amanda and I thought it was only me that hid the ironing! Lol Have a great weekend x

  4. Great catch up Amanda and I thought it was only me that hid the ironing! Lol Have a great weekend x

  5. Giggling uncontrollably here ... EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeh you are a Lass !
    Keep it coming Mrs. Hugs xx

  6. ha ha ha look this is my reality here I don't think you taking it seriously !! lol lol lol

  7. You crack me up! What is ironing?????? lol