Sunday, 28 August 2016

Amazing miniature scene gift

Happy Sunday ladies... hope your all busy cooking and scrubbing the back doorstep ha ha ha ha .... NOT ! .... Sunday was always cleaning day when I was a child. My mum brought us up single handed and as she always worked full time Sunday was washing, ironing and cleaning day .... These days I try my best not to do much on a Sunday if I'm honest.

I Just had to come on and post this on my blog today such amazing work. There are so many talented ladies in the crafty world we don't ever get to see and this is why small Facebook groups etc are vital to display this talent. I don't know about you but this totally inspired me I really must get on with my dolls house.

Anyway hope your all having a cracking Sunday. I am busy ruining a perfectly nice cut of beef in the oven I generally asses if its ready by stabbing it ...if it doesn't bleed its cooked ha ha ha ha .... have a fab bank holiday xx A

1 comment:

  1. Lol... you keep stabbing that beef sweetie . Love your miniature simply outstanding work. ! Happy Bank Holiday to you too. Hugs xxx