Thursday, 9 August 2018

Bookmarks as a business tool ...?

The humble bookmark a business tool? .. absolutely. If you run any kind of small business self promotion is key. Promotional materials can be expensive so here is a budget friendly way to promote your business whilst also showcasing some of the products you may carry.

This humble book mark showcases a good number of products I initially had the number at five but actually its SEVEN ! Paper, card stock, tag topper punch, Stitched all around stamp set, Lovely lipstick ink, !" circle punch annnnnnd glue ! who knew such a humble project could be a subtle way of displaying so many products .

And then obviously you add your personal details to the back. I did mine as frugal as they come using a thermo label printer with cheap non branded comparable labels the cost of my printing is minuscule. 

Hand them out like and at events, craft fairs or vendor fairs ...add them to customer gifts and catalogues. Carry them around in your bag or purse and offer them to anyone you meet to start a conversation about your business.

I would wager that the hand made element to this promotional item makes folks less likely to just toss it aside. Its useful !!!! 

So don't over complicate your business promotion ... simple samples sell and here is one you can hand out to anyone and everyone.

So why not make a batch up ? 

Happy stamping xx Amanda

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  1. OMG! I can't believe how simple and obvious this idea is. I just love it. I ordered business cards from Vistaprint and I am going to try this so that I can simply just adhere my business card to the back. Thanks for the idea!