Thursday, 14 June 2018

NEW Stampin' Up! ribbons close up


sometimes we can appreciate how lovely some items are from looking in a catalogue. Today I am cutting up my ribbon shares for my customers so thought I would share them one by one on film so everyone can se them up close and get a true good old look.

I am collecting a list together for a second round of ribbon shares the first one being filled. If you would like to purchase a ribbon share for just £19.00 including postage for UK slight extra postage for other countries, this includes 32 lengths of ribbons and or trims. I have included most of the new trims and excluded carried over, bakers twine, metal thread and the leaf trim.

To order yours simply email me here
Also watch out for my paper shares which are £40.00 including postage and free in colour ribbon samples ..

Happy stamping xxx Amanda

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