Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Craft fair idea candy cane sweet treat

Another traditional craft fair idea today which will never fail to please. These are both fun to make and to receive. Such a simple yet effective idea you can get your children to help create these and then have them gift them to teachers and class mates.

These will never fail to sell at craft fairs and in my experience ...if you have sweet treats you will have customers. The sweeties attract the small people who then bring the adults over. They will then browse your stall and also likely buy the sweets for the sallies. Be sure to add a fun list of all the uses for this gift .... teacher gift, class mate gift, co- worker gift... stocking fillers...the list goes on make sure and tell them the brilliant ways these can be used for a gift.

Candy canes are inexpensive you can get them everywhere at this time of year and in varying sizes too. Nothing looks more festive than the traditional candy cane.

If you would like to re create this project the items I used are listed below. You can click each lil to visit my web shop if you need to purchase any.

I also have a free video tutorial for you to follow along with on my Youtube channel where you can find lots of other craft fair ideas. So grab a brew get comfy and enjoy the video..

Happy Christmas and happy stamping xx Amanda


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  1. Quick and easy project thank you Amanda.

  2. Hi Amanda, how ' sweet ' are these xxx

  3. Aww These are adorable Amanda,I may well case a few of these to put on my tree xx

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