Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sunday card sketch club ..

Happy Sunday everyone and here we have our Sunday card sketch club. This week we didn't actually have a sketch to follow, rather I set the theme of Christmas. I had to do a card for the Perpetual Christmas card club so killing two birds with one stone suggested we do one here too . So here are the contributions from the members of the group. 

If you fancy joining our fantastic supportive group where you an showcase your work and get ideas from others simply click the link above ...come join us we love new members.

This was my card , recycled from my post on the Perpetual Christmas card club.

card by Gaynor Boyce.

card by Carol Ann Pendleton

card by pauline Johnson.

superb card by Ian Potter.

Card by Carol Ann Pendleton.

Cute card by jean Schultz.

Stunning card by Debbie Harper.

Beautiful 3d wreath by Ian Potter.

Lovely card by Marcela Calvo.

Superb card by gaynor Boyce.

Cute card by Victoria Littlewood.

Superb card by Carol Ann Pendleton.

Lovely card by Carmel June Smith.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous collection x well done everyone xx