Friday, 4 August 2017

Diamond pop up fancy fold...

Today i was playing wth card folds and came up with this diamond fold pop up card. This may well have been done before but its new to me and I felt like I had invented the wheel.

Fancy folds are great fun but can sometimes be tricky to master... says I looking at my pile of reject failed fancy folds on my desk ! But this fold is so easy even I managed it so I am sure you can too.

I used the Birthday memories paper to decorate it with. When I first saw this paper I rolled my eyes it just oozed 1970's and so I initially dismissed it . But I like to try everything even Items I think I may not like. I totally changed my mind this paper is everything..its fun... its bold ... its bright and its just awesome ..I love it ! There is so much going on in this paper I had lots of ideas just flowing.

Tere is a Youtube step by step tutorial how to create the card base and for ... you can then decorate how you choose.. I have list below of the supplies I used and I will also leave measurements. But for now grab a brew get comfy and watch the tutorial ... 

                                                      happy stampin xxx Amanda



card base: cut card to 11 1/2 x 5 3/4" score at 5 3/4" fold to make are.
Diamond pop out mechanism: Cut card to 8 x 8" score at 4" turn and score at 4"... then turn paper so it is diamond shape and score from point to point across the centre meeting point of the other two score lines...if in doubt watch the Youtube tutorial .

fold and burnish and glue inside th card base on the diamond point of the fancy fold ...again if in doubt watch the video tutorial above ... have fun x

Product List

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration just made my granddaughter a card x