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Address:- 49 college avenue, Lindley, Huddersfield, HD33PH, West Yorkshire, UK

I operate as an Independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator and as such all my services and posts are as my role as an Independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator.


  1. Great blog - generous lady xxx

  2. Love your blog!!!! You r one of my most fave S U video personalities!!!!

  3. Hi Amanda: I have been watching your postings and had to stop and look again your beautiful cards. Love the baby girl card and the one that is mostly purple. Just beautiful--- all of them. I live in Surprise, Arizona USA and I am a big fan. Blessings to you and yours.
    Quail crafting.

  4. Hi Amanda I think u r a hoot I love your projects and enjoy your sense of humour If you and pootles ever come to Canada near Ottawa the Capital of Canada my Stampin Up family would be happy to meet you Keep smilin I dont leave my house either lol

  5. Hi Amanda...I'm a recent discoverer of your blog, and have been binge watching! Not least because I just love your humour and infectious laugh,and if I'm having an off day, I will just keep on watching one after another until I realise I've been neglecting everything else,and there's not a pot washed and no tea we say in Yorkshire. Except I'm not in Yorkshire any more, but in the Scottish Highlands. Hearing your accent and some of your sayings makes me realise how seldom I hear words and phrases which used to be part of my life,and I stopped using them locally because no-one knew what the heck I meant! One of my pals here 'gets' my sayings,and has even adopted them herself(despite being from Hampshire!), a favourite being 'Anyroadup', which I'm sure you use regularly.�� So thank you for your fabulous videos,because you make me feel like you're an old pal sitting with me at the crafting
    table, and I've been inspired to make so many of your wonderful creations. There are a few Stampin'Up demos I regularly watch,but I think yours has the most variety of content, and is the most useful. Plus, I totally understand your love of chabby chic,and your admitted weakness for adding 'just a bit more'in the embellishment department.�� I keep trying to be 'less is more', but fail miserably quite often. Knowing when to stop is a weak point,so I've taken to WhatsApping my pal back in Yorkshire with a photo of my creations, and asking her to tell me when I'm over egging the pudding! Otherwise,I employ a technique I like to think of as 'sneaking up' on something I've made.I stop seeing things objectively after a while, and get over I put it on one side and don't look at it for a few hours. Then I come across it afresh (having 'taken it by surprise'!) see it with new eyes, and either I think 'yeah, that IS as bad as I thought it was, or wow, THAT'S nice! So I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts, which inspire lots of us with things we'd never have thought of. I'm an old granny,who has been crafting since childhood,all through my married life,and am still making all manner of things for my home. The internet has been a joy and a curse...Pinterest is mega, but it eats my time like nothing else. However, I have learned so many new skills and crafts that I never knew existed, simply by trawling the 'net and doing that thing of being distracted sideways by something I wasn't looking for! You start out being really practical,paying bills,ordering goods online,researching insurance quotes....then boom,3 hours later,your legs have gone numb and you need to go to the loo,and the cat has been squawking to be fed for so long, she's had to resort to rolling around on the keyboard to get your attention. Where was I..? oh papercrafting is a fairly new discovery for me,and has taken over from most of my other crafts.I hope you continue to entertain and inform us for many years to come, and thanks again. You're a star.��